Contractor without borders

Bjorn has not devoted much time to writing policy papers. However, he at age 28 started four companies in both Sweden and Nepal showing that CSR is actually worthwhile when put into practice.

Björn Söderberg, founder and entrepreneur behind Fair Enterprise Network says in his lectures on their journey to and life in Nepal, if the companies he has started and the values they are based on. “Social responsibility is profitable when put into practice, not when you write beautiful policy., It is about building a corporate culture where employees are a resource. Whether they are Nepalis, Swedes or the Chinese people.”

During the lecture takes Bjorn us on a journey from boardrooms in Sweden Bagmatifloden in Kathmandu, where garbage and waste mixed with the water that flows through the city. After three months in Nepal started Bjorn recycling Watabaran to remove debris from the streets. Bjorn continually challenge old thinking patterns and social structures. His company – WebSearch Professional is an IT company in Nepal working with outsourcing, but in a very untraditional way. One develops websites and applications to create a sustainable development and trying to get educated young people to remain in the country. The last company is Watabaran Bio-Fuel, carried brikettillverkning with creative solutions reduce tree felling and removing some of the rubbish from the streets and rivers.

Anyone who has failed has never tried